Bluetooth AR Gun for both children and adults

AR-Gun is a DIY-expandable toy gun that combines AR technology with electronic technology. With the AR-Gun APP, the real world will be integrated with the virtual game world to enhance the realistic experience, let the player via the visual, Sports enjoy the interaction between reality and virtual.Built-in virtual radar, the player can move or turn around to find the enemy, aim and pull the trigger to kill the enemy.


WILDLY COMPATIBILITY:AR GUN can connect with Apple iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6 Plus/7/7 Plus/Android Phone by bluetooth.For iPhone,APP can be downloaded from APP store.For Android phone,AR GUN APP can be downloaded from google play.


ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALS AND PORTABLE:Import high density OSB wood material,smooth surface,greens environmental protection,Safe and healthy for user,AR GUN is the perfect choice for child.AR GUN is just 11in *7in* 0.8in and 14oz,can be taken in bag to anywhere conveniently.


BATTERY SAVING:Install 2pcs AAA battery,games time is more than 60h.(Battery is not included)